WMLF 2012 Fall Update


It’s hard to believe that it’s October already.  The summer of 2012 has come and gone.  The night time temps in the high country are getting down to the freezing point already.  The ferns are turning and soon the Aspens and the hardwoods will be lighting up the hillsides with their glorious colors.  It’s time to think of the big cruisers that will hit the shorelines pre-ice up.  This is a great time to be in the mountains.

WMLF had a pretty busy summer.  We added several dozen new members and our small band of “Fishing Entrepreneurs” are growing.

Bob Bowers and I met up with Kelly Meyers at a meeting with the US Forest Service in August regarding acquiring permission to get power to Crescent Lake.  After some extensive studies we determined that hard power was the only way to go.  Solar or wind power just are not efficient enough to insure constant power to our aerators.  After a very interesting meeting with everyone involved (including the EPA) permission was granted and USFS was behind the project 100%.  I knew it would be a complicated ordeal and there would be considerable costs involved but wasn’t ready for the 100K price estimate for the possible EPA study involved.  This is just to see if the path we intend to use from the power source is clear of any historical or archaeological findings.  Cost estimates to actually run the line are around the same, so WMLF is looking at a pretty good chunk of change to get this done.  But as we have always said “this is a long term project”, so bear with us.  We are moving ahead.  Next step is to have a written plan drawn up so the USFS can officially sign off on it and then we can present that plan to organizations/ clubs/ individuals to acquire funding. That is being done as I write this… We will get there.

Fishing should be excellent this winter at Becker and hopefully Sunrise. Sunrise developed a bad algae bloom in late August and turned off.  I have seen this happen at that time of the year before and the lake didn’t survive that winter… much like Crescent last year.  I’m not predicting a kill, just warning everyone of the possibility.  We will know soon enough.  I checked the lake out early this week and it looked good algae wise but I didn’t get out and test the waters… soon though.  We’ll know pre winter of its status.  Also every AZ winter prediction I have checked is calling for a cold, wet winter, so we may have to contend with heavy snows on the ice this year.  This is bad for the current crop of fish, but great for the runoff for next year.  This is one of the problems our high lakes have and why WMLF was formed to help prevent.  It’s the typical AZ cycle on the high, shallow, weedy basin lakes.  Their rich waters grow big fish, but our winter snowpack is so inconsistent that the lakes either summer kill, or winter kill.  Hopefully we can remedy that… someday… sooner the better.

Silver Creek will be opening soon for the winter fishing season.  The White Mountain Fly Fishing Club, along with others, made significant improvements on the stream.  I haven’t personally seen them yet, but I understand the new stream improvements they placed have formed quite a few nice holding pools.  WMLF contributed to that project financially, and will continue to support their efforts in the future with any other possible improvements.

WMLF welcomed Joe Staller to join the Board of Directors this summer.  Joe is an active fly fisherman and has been involved in the fishing here in AZ for many years now.  As an officer in the DFC, he brings a wealth of organizational knowledge and a solid vision of the problems and solutions at hand.

Lastly, we added a “FAQ” section to the WMLF website to answer some of the questions we are most often asked.  Please check it out at: http://wmlf.org/about/faq/

Hope you all have a great winter and get some fishing in.


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