WMLF 2014 Crescent Lake Project Update


Below is an update from Arizona Game & Fish Department regarding the Crescent Lake Aeration Project. As you can see, a lot of progress has been made, but we still have quite a way to go.

White Mountains Lake Foundation would like to thank Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation, Arizona Flycasters, Desert Fly Casters, White Mountain Fly Fishing Club and our membership for helping WMLF fund our contribution to this project.

Table 1. Progress Toward Crescent Lake Aeration


Action Agency Date Deliverable
Winter surveys of Crescent AGFD, ASO Winter from 2008 to 2014 Data on how often aeration needed, maximum days of aeration needed, also information that snow removal and more water in lake would be ineffective.


Initial meeting on Crescent Aeration AGFD, ASNF, WMLF Summer 2012 Informed Forest of desire to aerate Lake, outline process at meeting


Coordination on Aeration AGFD, ASNF March to November 2013 Specification written for project and modified to meet Forest needs.  Forest decides project is CE (categorical exclusion) and willing to have other federal agency take lead


EA checklist process started in Phoenix AGFD November 2013 Specifications submitted to AGFD, to meet environmental compliance; approval on hold for Arch survey


Purchase of initial aeration equipment WMLF November 2013 Bought two types of aerators and wire to run equipment and get information on best product and electrical needs


Test Deployment of aerators WMLF January and February 2014 Deployed and tested Aerators at Bill Lake also purchased converter to 4 phase.  Was able to refine deployment technique and measure electrical use.


Coordination meeting with Forest AGFD, ASNF April 2014 Forest seems willing to be flexible on environmental compliance on lake systems


Load money for diesel in Region 1 budget AGFD July 2014 $7,000 loaded into budget for diesel


Arch survey done ASNF July 2014 Forest does Arch survey for site, however when going to get final EA checklist, found out that FWS (WSFR) could not be action agency


Cost estimate done AGFD August 2014 Sent electrical usage to consultant, he came up with cost estimate for system.  Good news is we have the aeration and wire needed, just need to purchase the powerplant. 


AGFD (Arizona Game and Fish Department), ASNF (Apaches-Sitgreaves National Forest), ASO (Apache Sherriff’s Office), WMLF (White Mountain Lake Foundation)



Table 2.  Actions Needed to Deploy Aerator


Action Agency Date Deliverable
Categorical exclusion provided ? There was confusion on lead agency for CE.  Need to determine if Fish and Wildlife in Whiteriver can be lead  or if we need to pay for CE


Agreement with Crescent Lake Concessionaire AGFD, ASNF, Hold harmless clause with concessionaire


Final total cost estimate AGFD Once we determine the CE paperwork need we can come up with total cost of project and start shopping for money and implementation.


Modify specs and EA checklist AGFD Rewrite specifications including new power plant (should be short easy process)


Purchase powerplant and rest of supplies AGFD Once money identified purchase and install power plant, also need $1,000 of miscellaneous material to put up barrier around hole in ice


Install powerplant AGFD Install and operate power plant


 AGFD (Arizona Game and Fish Department), ASNF (Apaches-Sitgreaves National Forest), ASO (Apache Sherriff’s Office), WMLF (White Mountain Lake Foundation)

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